precious metal and other base alloys - wire, rod, ribbonJohnson Matthey is the leading expert in materials development of precious metals and other base metal alloys.  Our ongoing development of the new BioMed™ Series of Platinum-substitution Alloys is just one example of our commitment to developing a range of alloys to offer the lowest cost and highest performance for Medical Device Applications.  BioMed™ Alloys use other Platinum-Group Metals (PGM) including Palladium, Iridium, Rhenium and others to provide equal or better characteristics at a lower cost that Platinum.

We provide precision machining and fabrication services for virtually all materials, ranging from metals to specialty medical-grade machined plastics.  We can also support your material selection and consultation services needs.

Biomed Alloy Tubes
Biomed TM Series Alloys
Platinum-substitution Alloys for Low Cost Radiopaque Wire and Micromachined Parts
Nitinol hypotube Samples
Hypotube Catheter Shafts - Nitinol
Machined Plastics samples
Machined Plastics
CNC milling and turning of plastics parts, such as Medical-grade PEEK for orthopaedics, implants and precision fixtures and assembly tools
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