Coated Part DimeCoating or electroplating may be necessary when the innate characteristics of two different materials are required. For example, gold plating can be added to stainless steel for increased conductivity. A PTFE coating can be added for friction reduction using its natural lubricating qualities. We offer a variety of processes for rod, wire and hypotubes.

  • Gold plating
  • Nickel anodizing
  • PTFE coatings
  • Parylene
  • Electropolish
  • Passivation 

Anodizing is an electrochemical conversion process that forms an oxide film. The film increases corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

Advanced polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) synthetic flouropolymer coatings for a wide range of medical applications-to increase lubricity and chemical resistance. PTFE has one of the lowest coefficients of friction against any solid.

Parylene is a conformal protective polymer coating material utilized to uniformly protect any component configuration. This is achieved by a unique vapor deposition polymerization process. The advantage of this process is that the coating forms from a gaseous monomer without an intermediate liquid stage. As a result, Parylene conforms to virtually any shape with sharp edges, points, flat surfaces, crevices or exposed internal surfaces are coated uniformly without voids.

Electropolishing provides a chemically and physically clean surface and removes any mechanical surface asperities. The electropolishing process smooths and streamlines the microscopic surface. It helps to deburr machined edges and holes as well as removes any embedded iron from the manufacturing process. While improving the overall look and finish electropolishing reduces friction, leakage, and wear.

Passivation is used to improve the surface condition of stainless steel by dissolving the iron that is embedded in the surface by forming, machining, or other manufacturing steps. The process chemically creates a titanium-rich oxide layer that improves corrosion resistance. Passivation can also be accomplished by electropolishing.

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