Precision Grinding

Grinding, Milling and TurningOur precision grinding operations are used for diameter reduction, tapers and shoulder creation on tube and wire components. Grinding can sometimes provide a better result than Wire EDM cutting. Profile Grinding processes are great at producing precise, burr-free cuts on hard metals.

  • Diameters to 0.005"(0.127mm)
  • Tolerances ± 0.0002"(0.005mm)

CNC Surface Grinding

We use a low-force process to grind a variety of materials for flatness, parallelism, close tolerance dimensions and surface finish.

  • Thickness to 0.08"(2.032mm)
  • Tolerances ± 0.0001"(0.025mm)

Milling and Turning

CNC milling at high speed is often the first step, before EDM machining, in the production of precision metal parts. CNC milling is especially appropriate for the machining of 3-dimensional contour metal parts. Milling makes complex profiles on block-style metal parts. Turning provides similar capabilities on cylindrical parts. Our experienced machinists will face, square, drill, thread, bore or slot parts with the highest levels of precision and repeatability.

  • Part sizes down to 0.01"(0.254mm)
  • Hole drilling to 0.002"(0.051mm)
  • Tolerances to ± 0.0002"(0.005mm)
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