Metal Cost ManagementA considerable proportion of the cost of many of the platinum based products which Johnson Matthey supplies is tied directly to the raw material value of the component.  Depending upon the complexity of the part, the cost of the precious metal may contribute as much as 90% of the overall component cost.  Particularly with metal-heavy mill products such as large diameter wires, sheet, and thick-walled tube, this metal cost can be significant.

Johnson Matthey Noble Metals has decades of experience in alloying, melting, and drawing palladium-based alloy compositions.  These palladium-based alloys can often be tailored to closely match the physical, electrical, and chemical attributes of platinum-based alloys, but because of a lower density and a lower price, palladium-based alloys can be a possible alternative at a fraction of the price.

Johnson Matthey metallurgists have the capability and experience to work collaboratively with our customers to craft an alloy to meet exact specifications and their evolving needs.

Learn more about the palladium based platinum substitution alloys available from Johnson Matthey or contact us to discover the cost savings of using palladium-based alloys in your medical devices.

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