Sheet and FoilOur unique manufacturing processes allow us to shape, form and roll precious metal sheet and foil to extreme dimensions. We offer a broad range of forms and variety of metals to meet any challenge.

Precious metal sheet is rolled down from ingots that are cast, forged and individually batch identified using a variety of melting techniques. These include air melting, melting under a specified gas, vacuum melting and electron beam melting. Vacuum cast steel rolls are employed that are regularly re-ground to ensure flatness and a consistent surface finish.

Sheet and Foil Manufacturing ProcessJohnson Matthey manufactures all fine foils using processes to minimize the risk of inclusions and assure artifact-free imaging. Our analytical laboratories provide the full array of analysis techniques including Spectrographic and X-ray analysis, wet chemistry techniques and Scanning Electron Microscopy for surface examination to ensure material quality.


In addition to our selection of Precious Metals Sheet & Foil, we also offer Nitinol Sheet & Foil.

Specifications   Available Sizes
Thickness    as small as 0.0007"(0.018mm) 
Width    1.0"(25.4mm) to 3.75"(95.3mm)
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