Precious Metals - TubingAdvanced extrusion and tube-drawing processes enable us to produce seamless tubing in a variety of Platinum-group metals. Johnson Matthey offers microtubing, standard or larger tubing cut to length in a full range of alloys.  Seamless tubing for radiopaque marker bands and other applications conforms to stringent dimensional tolerances and quality standards.

Precious metal tubing for all alloys are manufactured using the same basic process steps. First, the alloy is blended and induction melted in a vacuum chamber with an inert atmosphere. Next, the alloy is extruded to an intermediate size via high pressure and temperature processes.  Finally, the rod is fabricated to the final shape using rolling mills and carbide and diamond dies. All melts are analyzed using Spark Ablation ICP to measure alloy and impurity concentrations.

  • Cutting processes include Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM), CNC Screw Machining, Precision Laser Cutting, Tube Cutting and other processes.
  • A Certificate of Conformance (COC) and optional Certificate of Analysis (COA) accompanies each shipment.
  • Stocking programs available to provide fast response to any demand - see stock list below.

In addition to our selection of Precious Metal Tubing, we also offer Nitinol Tubing.

Platinum, Gold and Pt/Ir Tubing Stock List

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