Metal Cost ManagementCustomers may find that regular use of Precious Metals for medical component products can be complicated by the daily market fluctuations of Precious Metals. We are experts in helping customers use all available options to help them minimize exposure to unnecessary costs and risk associated with these market changes.

Johnson Matthey Noble Metals manages manufacturing with Precious Metals on a 'metal neutral' basis. This means that JM does not own the precious metals used to supply customer orders. Customers can select from many options on the method you prefer to manage the metals used for your purchase order. The three programs described below are some of the most common options.

Day of Metal Program

The Day of Metal program is used by many medical component customers. In this program, JM manages the precious metals required for manufacturing, and then bill the customer for the finished product and its metal on one invoice. The metal is invoiced to the customer at the market price on the day after shipment. There can be variability in the final price due to market movements between order date and actual shipment, but JM handles all responsibility for procurement and refining of the metal. This program provides the most comprehensive service to customers.

Committed Stock Program

If your company prefers to reduce risk and know the exact purchase order cost at time of order, JM can provided a Committed Stock program where the metal is purchased on an agreed-upon date, usually the date of the purchase order. Your cost is fixed regardless of market fluctuations during the time between order placement and actual shipment.

Consignment Metal Program

If you already manage and hold your own metal inventory using open market conditions, then you can choose to use our Consignment Metal program. The customer-supplied precious metal is 'deposited' into a consignment account at JM in advance of upcoming orders. This program is most common for companies using large, regular quantities of Precious Metals for a variety of applications.

More Metals Management Program Options

Many other metals management options are available to fit your requirements. Contact your local JM office to learn more about our Precious Metal Products and our programs to help you manage risk and simplify your use of Precious Metals.

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