Precious Metal RecyclingAt Johnson Matthey we set the standard for Platinum Group Metal (PGM) Refining. This includes Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium, Iridium and Ruthenium. Our services, technologies and refineries represent the most comprehensive and advanced precious metal refining facilities in the world.

With almost 200 years of experience, Johnson Matthey is the largest global full-service refiner of precious metals. Offering a complete service, utilizing international resources; people, ideas, integrity and experience we are confident in our ability to deliver the best overall solution for your business.

Precious metals can be recovered from a variety of material types. While our main focus is on materials containing Platinum Group Metals (Pt, Pd, Ir, Rh & Ru) we can also recover Gold and Silver at low levels which may also be present.

The invaluable knowledge we have acquired over the years has enabled the development of exciting new technologies and techniques and ensures that we stay ahead in the market place offering our customers the very best. We pride ourselves on our market-leading reputation.

Contact Us to get more information on refining and recycling process for Medical Device components and the current exchange values for your PGM's.

Plastic Spool Recycling Information

Single-use plastic spools are a necessary component of optimum de spooling of Precious Metals wire at our customer's facilities.  In hopes of encouraging the recycling of these spools after they have served their purpose, we are offering the following information.

Polystyrene Spools
Spool type Diameter(in.) Inside Barrel Width(in.) Color
JM-4 2 1/4 1 white (cream)
JM-6 4 5/8 5/8 black, pink, red, maroon, yellow, green
ABS Spools
Spool type Diameter(in.) Inside Barrel Width(in.) Color
JM-2 2 1/2 3 white (cream)
11 3/4 3 5/8 black
JM-5 3 1/2 2 3/16 black
JM-9 4 1/2 3 white (cream)
JM-10 4 7/8 3 1/2 black, white (cream), green, maroon, yellow, blue
JM-12 4 7/8 3 1/3 black

Plastic Shipping Tray Recycling Information

Packaging for micromachined and similiar small products on trays is made of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET, PETE). These trays are manufactured from recycled feedstocks and are still eminently recyclable upon receipt at our customers' facilities.

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