Nitinol Wire and Tubing

Nitinol wire is the most mature form of this unique superelastic and shape memory alloy, being commercialized in the mid 1980's. It is available in many different sizes, alloys and finishes. And, shape memory or superelastic forms are both offered.  Niti shape memory alloys are gaining increasing use in the medical device industry for Nitinol catheter stents, guidewires and other critical applications.

Our new NiTi Brite™ oxide-free Nitinol wire now offers the brightest Nitinol wire at competitive prices.

Niti Brite™ Nitinol Wire

NitiBrite™ is a break-through Nitinol wire product which features an exclusive one-step oxide removal process that completely eliminates the toxic Hf acid solutions which cause embrittlement.  Unlike other methods used to create oxide-free Nitinol wire, the NitiBrite™ process does not involve acid etch or costly mechanical polishing.  Additionally, since there are no toxic byproducts generated, the process supports corporate sustainability efforts.

The resulting NitiBrite™ Nitinol Wire (available in diameters of 0.016" to 0.040" in continuous spooled lengths) has a smoother, shinier surface unattainable through other known methods.








These SEM photographs at 50X show mechanically polished Nitinol wire (left) versus NiTiBrite™(right). Notice the visibly rough striations when compared to the smooth surface of NiTiBrite™. Click image for more detail.







In addition to our selection of Nitinol Wire, we also offer Precious Metal Wire, Rod & Ribbon.

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