nitinol micromachined partsOur advanced machining capabilities and extensive knowledge of the capabilities of Nitinol allow us to fabricate Nitinol metal into a wide variety of shapes according to your specifications. The fabricated Nitinol parts can be made from our wire, sheet, or ribbon forms. Our production floor is filled with precision CNC Swiss Machines operated by trained specialists to produce the highest quality, micro-machined parts for medical applications.

In-house, value-added processes include shape setting, laser cutting and drilling, and etching and cleaning processes.

Shape setting is the process by which the final, specified shape of the metal is configured and programmed. The heat treatment methods used to set shapes in both shape memory and superelastic forms of Nitinol are similar. Shape setting is accomplished by constraining the Nitinol element on a mandrel or fixture of the desired shape and applying an appropriate heat treatment.

Laser cutting and drilling can be a very efficient and cost-effective manufacturing process to micromachine any type of metal. Lasers are the tool of choice for cutting of fine structures due to their capability for ultra-precision, flexibility in contours and shape and their ability to perform operations repeatability without the type of wear that constrains traditional machining equipment.


  • Superelastic and Shape Memory available
  • Transformation Temperatures: Ingot Af (Austenite Finish) from -25 deg. C to 120 deg.
  • Custom Alloy Formulations possible


  • Amber/Brown Oxide
  • Pickled/Etched
  • Customer Specific Requirements

Thermomechanical Conditions

  • As Cold-Worked
  • Straight Strain Annealed
  • Shape Set Annealed


  • Transformed Temperatures
  • Tensile Properties
  • Chemical Composition
  • Customer Specific Requirements

Nitinol Prototyping and Development Services

  • Small Scale Prototyping
  • Materials Selection
  • Tooling Design
  • Process Development
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