Johnson MattheyTo learn more about other Johnson Matthey companies and products, visit the following web sites:

Johnson Matthey Corporate Home Page – A specialty chemicals company focused on its core skills in : Catalysts, Precious Metals, Fine Chemicals and Process Technology

Johnson Matthey Noble Metals – Leading producer of precious metal products including platinum, iridium, palladium and ruthenium sheet, foil, wire and gauze.  Fabrication of platinum-group metals is available for applications including  industrial, aerospace, automotive, nuclear, medical, sensor, instrumentation and jewelery industries.

Piezoproducts –Johnson Matthey's Piezoproducts business unitsupplies piezoelectric ceramic materials, sensors, and actuators.  These "Smart Materials" take advantage of the Piezoeletric Effect which is the ability of certain crystalline materials to convert mechanical stress into electrical signals, and vice versa.

Alfa Aesar –Leading international manufacturer, supplier and distributor of fine chemicals, metals, and materials. Products are used in a variety of industrial, academic and institutional research, development and production applications.  Stocks Nitinol and selected products for medical applications.

Alfa Aesar Europe – Research chemicals, metals and materials.  Stocks Nitinol and selected products for medical applications.

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